Payment Gateway Integration

Payment Gateway Integration

Whenever the customer purchases a product or places an order on the online store Payment gateways are used to process the payments against the goods purchased. Payment gateways are used to process the debit or credit cards of the customers. This function makes the Payment gateway integration . essential for all the online stores. Also there is no success for the online store without the reliable and secure payment gateway. ITZ Outsourcing Firm develops reliable and secure payment gateway integration for the online stores.

Payment gateway integration service

The Payment gateways developed by ITZ Outsourcing Firm are well encrypted and are reliable and secure to process the sensitive data such as credit card numbers. We ensure that there is a secure payment environment and the transactions are processed safely.

The online store having a payment gateway makes the transaction speed and the sales of goods faster. ITZ Outsourcing develops the quality payment gateway integration to provide safe and reliable transactions online for the online stores. We also offer various applications to manage and control the transactions to enrich the online store.

ITZ Outsourcing Firm develops integration of multiple payment gateways in single online store such as Pay Pal,, WorldPay, CC Avenue, Google Checkout, VeriSign PayFlow Pro, Tripledeal, Linkpoint and Paycom. Our payment gateway integration service providesmany options to the customer to choose the payment gateway of their need and proceed with the safe and secure online transaction. Our payment gateway integration developers have successfully developed these applications for various e-commerce online stores. We can guaranteethe high quality secure, safe and reliable payment gateway integration, that offers real time authorization and captures transactions details for the future references. Our multiple payment gateways are programmed to accept all domestic and international credit cards as well as debit cards.

ITZ Outsourcing Firm has expertise in following payment gateways

  • PayPal
  • ccavenue
  • epay
  • Google checkout
  • PayFlow Pro
  • Tripledeal
  • Linkpoint

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